Factory finishing expertise

The experts at LED Coating Solutions can create custom colors for wood floor prefinishing lines and offer on-site expertise for designing and installing prefinishing lines. Why LED vs. UV for factory finishing? 1) No dangerous off-gassing: UV lights contain A, B and C rays; B and C rays are the cancer-causing rays that are filtered out by the ozone layer. In a factory, the dangerous off-gassing produced by these rays must be ventilated out of the factory. LED lights contain only A rays and do not create any off-gassing. 2) Energy efficiency: UV bulbs have intense energy needs; LED curing uses 75% less electricity. 3) Fewer steps: Due to the intense heat of UV lights, oftentimes flooring must be run through UV lighting multiple times to achieve a full cure without damaging the flooring. LED lights require only a single pass to achieve a safe, full cure.

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