LED Coating Solutions

LED COATING SOLUTIONS provides a complete solution for wood surface preparation and coating machinery with a variety of LED-cured finishes that can be used for different wood surface applications.

Official authorized representative of Heidelberg coating USA and Vesting USA

Why LED coatings will transform the industry

The European LED oil finishes from LED Coating Solutions offer

Instant cure on the job site or in the factory

The ability to layer colors with no abrasion or dry times between coats

Safety LED oils are non-combustible, with no off-gassing

Long-term color stability

Easy, fast repairability

Limitless colors



The experts at LED Coating Solutions can provide

  • Color-Matching for wood flooring manufacturers or on-site applications
  • Color Creation for a perfect custom color
  • On-Site Finishing to create custom color throughout the world
  • Wood Floor Prefinishing using the LED Coating Solutions finish line.
  • Factory finishing expertise for designing and installing prefinishing lines.

Color lab

Color lab

As any artist will tell you, creating colors is an art. And that art is all the more challenging when the canvas changes from simply blank white to the natural material of wood. Each piece of wood has its own color, grain and depth that affects the appearance of the color applied to it. The artisans at LED Coatings Solutions have extensive training in color theory and decades of practical experience at applying that theory to real life when it comes to wood flooring, cabinetry and more. They can use their expertise to create a bespoke color for a high-end installation, match a complicated color in an existing space or create proprietary colors for a wood floor finishing line.